Unfiltered nor pasteurized beer with a decided character very pungent and bitter tending to acid.
Persistent and finely diffused foam.
Especially on the finish notes of lemon and a strong, persistent and sharp bitterness.
Upon entry into the mouth, the aftertaste is dominated by the herbaceous hops.
Dry and astringent, it has good drinkability. Golden color with a slight veiling.

Style: IPA
Ingredients: Tuscan spring water, malt, Tuscan wheat, hops, yeast, mugwort.
Pairings: First courses, meats, vegetables, but ideal on its own.
Colour: Light yellow
Foam: Compact and persistent
Alcohol: 6,5% by vol.
Serving temp.: 8°C
Fermentation: Refermented in the bottle
Sparks: Normal
Format: 0,375 L – 0,75 L