Hotels, Commercial, Residential

The FL Fuoriserie Hotel project is curated by the architect Marcelo Pajor, graduated from the Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo de la Universidad Nacional del Nordeste. It has received various international awards for its hotel facilities.

The project interprets philosophy of the brand: a classic, elegant and refined style, purely masculine, with a few modern elements.

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Fitness Club

FL Fuoriserie Fitness club, a full service, state of the art athletic paradise.
Our “One Stop Shop” for allyour athletic goals and a healthy lifestyle. Our state of the art facility provides you with everything in one place.

NBA size Baskethall court, Volleyball court, Fitness Center, CrossFit, outdoor NFL turf, Soccer, Baseball, Yoga, and our Relax and Recover treatment area.
Also, you will be able to enjoy yourself in our lounge area with healthy snacks and drinks.

Our Goal is to create a unique environment that provides services that cater not only to professional athletes but to anyone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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FL Fuoriserie brand stores will exude elegance and luxury with a touch of Italian flair. The design palette revolves around black, white, and gold, complemented by subtle hints of blue. The use of premium materials like marble and metallic finishes will create a lavish shopping experience, reflecting the brand’s opulence.

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