Marcelo Pajor

I was born in Argentina in a place that suffered a rain of meteorites some time ago.
I have always dreamed of being an architect and dedicated my studies to that end.
I got a specialization in “use of colour in architecture and objects”.
I gave numerous conferences on this topic at different universities in Argentina and the world.
My first jobs in the design of hotels were in Argentina, in the cities of Makalle, Resistencia, Mardel Plata, Corrientes, Pinamar etc (I managed to design 14 hotels)
After that I continued to design in Miami and work at the University of miami as a professor
I also take my time with the administration of some hotels. This activity was awarded by different institutions with prizes (Spanish and Argentinian) and by the same city of Miami.
As a businessman, I set up a successful hotel chain in Argentina.

At the moment, I was studying the incompatibilities between home automation and personalized service in hotels.
I’m designing hotels in Paraguay and Brazil and, at the same time, creating a second hotel chain with an international reach.
Tireless seeker of beauty through morphology and the use of colour, through prototypes of semiotic significance.
My job takes me to travel the world collecting incredible anecdotes and experiences.
Advisor to financial groups in the field of hospitality and investment in tourism.
I love reiki, playing tennis, designing and looking for answers to aesthetic problems, perhaps influenced by that land full of meteorites from unknown galaxies.