Red Line in a chromed ruby bottle.

Unfiltered or pasteurized beer easy to drink and refreshing. Persistent and finely diffused foam.
It has an aromatic profile characterized by adequate hops, with a dry and soft finish.
The scent of coriander and orange peel are often accompanied by complex herbaceous, spicy notes that are the pleasant background. Intense yellow color with high turbidity due to the presence of cereals.

Style: English Pale Ale – Raw beer Amber, unpasteurized and unfiltered.
Ingredients: Tuscan spring water, malt, Tuscan wheat, hops, yeast, flavors.
Pairings: Meats, cold cuts, aged cheeses.
Colour: Amber
Foam: Compact and persistent
Alcohol: 6% by vol.
Serving temp.: 8-10°C
Fermentation: Refermented in the bottle
Sparks: Normal
Format: 0,375 L – 0,75 L – 1,5 L