An accurate selection of the grapes and a very delicate traditional method winemaking, make this sparkling wine a very special one. A pas dosé with a great bold color, a particularly fine and persistent perlage and a delicate and fresh taste.

CRU Classic Method

The true class of CRUs is expressed in all its glory in this limited edition. Elegance and excellent harmonic qualities are contained in this wine that impresses with its qualities, able to accompany an infinite number of convivial moments.

Nome: V.S.Q. Extra Bruto
Uvas: Chardonnay e Pinot Noir
Altitude: 230 -240 m A.S.L.
Exposição: Sul, Sul/Este
Sistema de treinamento: Spurred Cordon e Guyot
Colheita: manual
Formato: 1500 ml