Style: English Pale Ale – Raw beer Amber, unpasteurized and unfiltered.
Ingredients: Tuscan spring water, malt, Tuscan wheat, hops, yeast, flavors.
Pairings: Meats, cold cuts, aged cheeses.
Colour: Amber
Foam: Compact and persistent
Alcohol: 6% by vol.
Serving temp.: 8-10°C
Fermentation: Refermented in the bottle
Sparks: Normal
Format: 0,375 L – 0,75 L – 1,5 L

Unfiltered or pasteurized beer with notes of caramel, coffee and licorice.
In this beer the spices mix well with fruity, floral and sweet aromas and never too strong.
Amber color. On the nose prevails the malt that we find on the end of the sip.
At the entrance to the mouth it is, on the other hand, moderately bitter and carbonated.
Maltosity balances with hops, and sometimes covers it slightly with a moderate note of caramel.
Diaper foam with very good retention.

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