Unfiltered nor pasteurized beer with pronounced aroma and coffee flavor.
Color tending to black adorned with a cappuccino-colored foam.
Smells of leather and wood are only hinted at in the mouth, where instead a riot of sensations that refer to roasted coffee, dark chocolate and caramel triumphs.
Compact and persistent foam.

Style: English Pale Ale – Raw beer Amber,
unpasteurized and unfiltered.
Ingredients: Tuscan spring water, malt, wheat,
hops, yeast, coffee.
Pairings: Desserts and dry pastries
Colour: Dark ebony
Foam: Compact
Alcohol: 6% by vol.
Serving temp.: 5-7°C
Fermentation: Refermented in the bottle
Sparks: Normal
Format: 0,375 L – 0,75 L